Sharing with Abby Glena

The purple life sphere heroine

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Sharing with Abby Glena

Abby Glena is the central character in the Sharing with Abby Glena” Series.

She is a woman in her forties who seems to be an ordinary college professor at the Miami South Grove University, where she teaches marine biology. Sometimes she gives public lectures in her own college and at some other countrywide universities.

She has a very positive attitude and lives a very good life doing exercise, eating  healthy food and meditating. So far everything seems normal but…

…Abby has a lot of secrets.

The series “Sharing with Abby Glena” will uncover her secrets as well as relate the police cases she gets involved into along with Dave, her new husband.

Imbalance is the beginning of the adventures Abby and Dave  run through. In this first book you will know how they two met and marry and the way Dave finds out Abby’s biggest secret.

The newlyweds will cross a lot of dangers and unexpected situations while they try to escape from Bullstone – Dave’s hatred enemy.

Discover how Abby helps her husband to face Bullstone and who are the people that help her to hide her enormous secret reading Imbalance.

And here is another secret….

Abby has her own blog as she loves to help people. Join her at: