Gaby Merch was born in México City in the middle of the 20Th century. Her first steps into reading are some of her most valuable memories and she remembers with pleasure when she kept part of the weekly money, her father used to give her, to buy children books and comics at the early age of 5 years.

As she grew up her fondness for books grew too and in high school she started to write some poems and songs, but never dare to show to others.

While in college she continued reading. Science fiction, fantasy and fiction novels were her preferred and then another genre caught her attention: horror. Stephen King was her favorite at that one and soon she realized she could imagine sequels of some of his stories. King’s writings frequently involved some detective actions she liked and the TV shows at that time, like Starsky & Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, Ellery Queen and others lead her towards a new action line.

Her studies and a new job deviated her attention for a while in regards writing but never stopped her from continue reading. In the early 90′s she started to work as instructor of computer related themes and developed elearning material, and found out she could write down her own and others ideas to help people and re-started to write some poems and reviews on her job as well as some elearning articles some of them published by some magazines and websites.

In 2011 she decided to put pen to paper and started to write a book with all the ideas she had in mind. To her own surprise she finished the book with ease and a month later she had new ideas to continue the story. This process continued for over a year letting her write a total of ten short fiction romance books which she titled “Sharing with Abby Glena”.

Dan Brow style captivated her as well as Jean M. Auel with her Earth’s Children series of novels and influenced her writing. Gaby Merch has undeniably a great imagination and has written up to now several short novels based on the life of a fictional FBI agent named Abby Glena, a woman who lives a complicated life even when she tries to be a simple woman.

At present she devotes herself to write the sequels of “Sharing with Abby Glena” series as well as helping people to discover and develop their potential through courses, advice and books, on topics of personal overcoming and self-help, while she happily shares life with her two daughters.