A fiction romance novel you can't miss!

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Imbalance is the first fiction romance novel wroten by Gaby Merch.

In this book action takes place from the very first chapter to the last one.

You will find romance and passion in the life of Abby Glena – the main character – and his new husband, and lots of suspense and action.

Several groups of characters support the story. The first one is related to Dave: his team from the Department of Criminal Activities (DAC).

There are also some friends of Abby who will help her and a man from her past will appear unexpectedly.

The villain, Bullstone, also has his own band to cause damages and terror in the city when he pursuits Dave.

Other characters will briefly appear through the lives of Abby and Dave Skylet, and you should pay attention to their relationships with the Skylets as some of them will reappear in ways you could not imagine.

The main scenery of this fiction romance novel is the city of Miami, a modern, well-known city where the temperature will go to extremes during a chilling chase.

To defeat Bullstone Dave will have to find the clues Abby gives to Imbalance his enemy, but first he will have to trust her new wife and let her do her special things.

In brief, you will have a good time trying to think ahead of Dave to solve the puzzles and riddles with in the story and following an astounding police case full of action and romance.